In order to move more than a certain distance from the other parent, which is 25 miles in Cook and the surrounding counties and 50 miles in other areas of Illinois, you will need a court order or written agreement from the other parent. The actual state your are moving to now is not the determining factor. If this is contested, the burden is on the person moving to prove it is in the child’s best interest, after considering many factors.

Traveling out of state is not held to the same standard; though you must give notice to the other parent when doing so.

If one parent has taken the child out of state without your consent, you should act immediately to have your child returned to Illinois. If the child has been out of state for a certain length of time, it may be more challenging to accomplish this.

Relocation, previously called removal cases, are typically some of the more difficult cases, emotionally and financially. At The Law Office of Erin M. Wilson LLC, we try to find creative solutions to resolve these matters, but are prepared and counsel our clients in preparation for litigation. We are experienced in relocation matters, and will work with you to best accomplish your goals, whether it be to accomplish or prevent a move.

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